Winter Festival Ruishelmi Kicks Off Ruisrock Anniversary Year – Featuring SANNI, JVG, Ellinoora, Pyhimys, and Many More

Ruishelmi will be held on 8–9 February 2019 at Logomo, Turku, in honor of the 50th Ruisrock Festival.

The winter festival Ruishelmi will gather a group of top Finnish artists and up-and-coming names to Logomo, Turku, on 8–9 February. At the same time, the event begins the countdown towards the 50th Ruisrock Festival, which will be held in Turku on 5–7 July.

The two-day festival features live shows by SANNI, JVG, Ellinoora, Gasellit, Ruusut, and Iisa, among others. Pyhimys will give one of his few performances this winter at Ruishelmi, and Evelina will kick off her live shows of the year at the event.

All-night DJ sets will be played by rap spectacle D.R.E.A.M.G.I.R.L.S. on Friday and Tavastia’s Saturday Disco & Friends on Saturday. The live guests of the DJ sets include some of the top-trending names of the day, such as SOFA, Adikia, B.W.A, Nisa, F, Yeboyah, Tuuttimörkö, SITOI, and Bizi. YleX and its familiar hosts will also attend the festival, introducing some of the most promising artists in the Finnish music scene on the YleX stage. YleX will reveal its list of Breakthrough Artists in the beginning of the year.

Ruishelmi Invites You to Lose Yourself – Festival Visitors May End Up in a Secret Rave or a Plant Jam Session

For the first time ever, festivalgoers can experience multiple gigs at Logomo during one evening, immerse themselves in art, and enjoy the restaurant services and festival atmosphere throughout the building. The hugely popular Rave Container from Ruisrock will host mini rave parties long into the night. The unconventional Plant Jam Session, on the other hand, will allow visitors to use plants as musical instruments and dance partners.

“Ruishelmi will create a festival atmosphere in the middle of the darkest winter and bring people together to party and have a great time. We will take over the entire building of Logomo and create a labyrinth where people can wander from one atmospheric space to another and have amazing, unexpected experiences. During the anniversary year of Ruisrock, we want to look forward, not back, and make the future better. We wish to play our part in making the world fairer and a better place for everyone to be, live and breathe. The winter festival is the perfect way to kick off the anniversary year!” says Promoter Mikko Niemelä.

Also present at Ruishelmi is the long-term sponsor of Ruisrock, Sinebrychoff, that will likewise celebrate its anniversary next year.

“Ruishelmi is a wonderful part of our common goal to provide Finnish consumers fun and joy,” says Brand Manager Pilvi Varjonen from KOFF.

Tickets to Ruishelmi are sold by Both one- and two-day tickets are for sale.
The age limit of the festival is 18 years, and the entire venue is licensed to serve alcohol.